Why Indonesia Should Be In Your Bucket List


Book your Flights and Hotels only at ExpediaWhy Indonesia Should Be In Your Bucket List

Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populated country, is spread across over 17,000 islands, which means you can get endless travel and adventure possibilities here! It is also one of the most geologically tumultuous countries where you can see volcanoes everywhere. From quiet paradises and raging party scenes to Rainforest, Indonesia can provide all your trip interests.Book your Flights and Hotels only at Expedia

Natural attractions

Indonesia has the most natural sites such as pristine beaches and deep see to tropical forests and mountains. Be wow by idyllic beaches in Bali, find astonishing hiking spots where you can also hike up in many active volcanoes, or visit the tropical forests that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Don’t forget the famous Komodo dragon in Komodo Island and the permanent glacier at Lorentz Natural Park in Papua.Komodo Island

Historical attractions and ancient rites

Indonesia has its rich history, giving birth to sites like Borobudur in Central Java with its largest Buddhist monument in the world dating from the 8th century, Prambanan with its famous Hindu monument, and the popular Yogyakarta, all in Central Java.Borobudur

Book your Flights and Hotels only at ExpediaBest in diving and surfing destination

In Indonesia, many stunning dive sites go unseen, such as Bunaken, Wakatobi, and Raja Ampat. You will also be astonished to see the surfer’s paradise with great waves at Nusa Lembongan or Sumbawa for its even greater waves.Nusa Lembongan

Book your Flights and Hotels only at ExpediaPeople, culture, food, and festival

With people from various origins and religions, Indonesia has a great mix of cultures, but one thing is for sure, they are friendly to travelers. You can also enjoy the different varieties and tastes of Indonesian food, and its festivities also create a bizarre melting pot of sorts.great mix of cultures

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